Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rag & Bone.

Mon. 09/08/2014.

As Rag & Bone Shows go, This was entirely less Awful than usual. It wasn't, Still, Thrilling, but it was Easier to digest and didn't look like a Junkyard mess as previous outings have been. I don't particularly get WHY Rag & Bone's David Neville and Marcus Wainwright get the lavish praise Slathered all over them like a Nubile island lass gets Suntan Lotion glazed all over, it escapes me when they consistently produce collections that are either Mediocre (Such as this) or just downright Hideous (Need we even Mention that Atrocity that was Spring 2014??) 

The same problem extends to The Mulleavy Sisters at Rodarte and the ENORMOUSLY Overhyped and Talentless Dynamic Duo of Hernandez and McCulloch at Proenza Schoueler! They are all, Most times HORRID at what they do but they have the Be-Sunglassed blessing of the High Priestess Anna so, No One DARE Speak Ill of her Precious Babies! I... DARE! 

There's not a really specific reason to go on about the less than Stellar pieces, There weren't too many BAD pieces, more just... Basic. The few pieces that did raise a pulse were very good... A Sheer Long Cardigan in White paired with Wide fluid pants also in White was Strangely Seductive and Sporty all at once while a Dark Chambray Zip front Poncho Was Insanely Desirable. 

Wainwright and Neville didn't strike the Mother Load with this outing, but it was filled with pieces that can add a refreshing bit of Sporty Chicness to the wardrobes of a Variety of Women, That the duo went back to their Sportish roots was most notably the best development. This collection by No Means was setting the World On Fire, Nor was it Mired in the Muck. It straddled somewhere in between Good and Really Good. Any more that any one could be looking for would have to be found Elsewhere. 

That's All.


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