Monday, December 15, 2014


Tues. 09/09/2014.


Oh, You Mulleavy Girls... You crafted such Magic for Fall 2014... where did that all evaporate to for Spring 2015??? Another Meaningless, Aimless, Ambling, Shambolic Catastrophe that looked like the models were Besequined Mermaids trapped in and being strangled to death by Fishing Nets... Appalling. 

What could have been pretty and pretty fabulous, it had the makings to be so, ended up Tortured, Overwrought, Underexecuted and to put the finest point on it... Dismally Ugly! The Rodarte label is always seeming as if it is in search of an Identity and the ensuing crisis of such an endeavour is one that cripples the senses with Convoluted Experiments. This was one of those Convolutions.

Esoterically, (as if the Girls have ever been Exoteric) the sisters took inspiration from observing Tide Pools... which would owe to all the Seaweed-y, Fishing Net Dishevelment and Aquatic palette of Murky Blues, Greys and Greens... then the Heaviness of the Barn Jackets that were Legion in the show... Why? What place had they in this exercise? Dumb and Dumbfounding! Especially unbalanced when paired with wispy net dresses or skirts. Totally Stupid! Although that is nothing new for Laura and Kate, Fashion Wise.

A few of the Finale Evening gowns were quite pretty and had the rest of the collection been less Tragically Horrifying, might have saved the collection, as it lay, they were like a few Diamonds in a Elephant Dung heap! 

That's All.


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