Wednesday, December 10, 2014

J. Crew.

Tues. 09/09/2014.

You can count on Jenna Lyons and Tom Mora to come up with some Eclectic Fashion come NYFW. Lyons Herself is one Stylishly Eclectic kind of lady... and Mora, more often than not, I am sure, Looks to her to inspire himself. Lyons is somewhat the walking template of the J. Crew Woman. Spring 2015 was filled with pieces that are going to keep the J. Crew masses Salivating for days, But looking at the "Fashion" of their Presentation Tuesday... It was a bit of a letdown. Something in this outing just didn't... CLICK, as it usually does. 

Maybe it was all that Denim... It wasn't particularly Exciting. Atop that, some of the Kooky juxtapositions looked more Awkward than Eccentric. But those were the smallest portion of the show. Some great pieces, The Tobacco Drawstring waist Anorak was Speaking Style, Loud and Clear, as was an Ensemble consisting of an Ecru Berber style print Topper worn over the most Vivid shade of Marine Blue pants. A Denim and Stripe print A-Line Shirt/Coat was perhaps one of the most Covetous pieces of the season. 

It was hard to put one finger on exactly why this showing didn't rise to the same level that previous collections have, but it just didn't cohere like usual. There were pieces that were as Desirable as usual but, again, all the pieces didn't fall into place. That's a Difficult spot to occupy, not being Bad enough to be Awful and not being GOOD Enough to be Great. A Fashion Catch-22, of sorts! 

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