Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oscar De La Renta.

Tues. 09/09/2014.

It is not a remote possibility to write this review without Acknowledging the Extraordinary loss to not only the Fashion World, But the World of Art, Beauty, Refinement, Class, The world in total. The loss of a True Gentleman. The Painfully sad death of Oscar De La Renta. Spring 2015 would prove to be his Last collection. The last of his Extensive career in producing Beauty, Glamour, And Exquisiteness. 

It would be a blemish to Oscar's Memory to linger on the sadness of his passing, he'd be the first to chastise such a thing. He would want his work to be the only thing that was taken into account, Nostalgia or Wistfulness would be, frankly, Insulting. So, as much as it would be fitting to tinge this review with the Colour of Admiration... The clothes should be the only Context being judged.

And what EXQUISITE Clothes they were! Spring 2015 was just another in the Long, LONG Line of Masterfully Beautiful collections that De La Renta seemingly produced with the Facility of a Master Magician! This Spring offering was full of Pastel shades, Sunny Florals and the essence of Summer, Gingham, which was everywhere here and looked more Sophisticate and Equally, more Youthful than any collection displaying it this season (Mayhaps, Only DVF gave a more Fresh view, but it's close!) 

The surprising key to this collection was that Oscar, In his way, Simplified things almost to the point of Distillation. He Squeezed his ideas so he produced only the clothes of Utmost Necessity! It made for a Flawless Presentation. Inject this with an unhurried approach, an almost Glacial ease, and the clothes resonated even more so. These were clothes that gave a Woman a Liquidity and Grace while keeping them looking Warrior Strong in equal Measure.

From the opening Pink Gingham coat and Brief Lace skirt combo that was a Joyous One-Two Punch, to the Simplistic Vibrance of a Sky Blue Gingham Ballet neck top and Shorts. Try, Perhaps, the Black speckled White Tweed Bolero jacket and dress combo with invert pleat front also, for a look of Pure Stylish Sophistication! Oscar showed himself to be a Modern Mix Master of Couture proportion with the Elegant and Flirty combo of a Pencil striped sequined Tee with Layers of Ostrich feathers at the hem worn casually over a pair of trim Black Trousers. 

This was but a Sampling of the Majesty on display, from Lavishly Embroidered Thistledown light Furs slipped over Little Nothing Lace Dresses... to a Pair of White Organdy Bubble dresses with Spring Flower embroidery!  A Parchment Linen Tweed suit with a Cropped jacket that had a Pleated Lace back was of Special note, as was a Black and White Full-Skirted Hi-Lo dress with Broderie Anglaise hem... A Stem Green Strapless number with a Dropped Waist and full skirt lavished with Pink Floral embroidery... 

Since this was such a Bumper Crop of Finery for the house a Few more Wonders... The most Delightfully Pretty White Lace Dress on Malaika Firth to stroll down the Runway, or the Exquisite Sequined and Feathered Dance Dress on Leila Nda that matched the Aforementioned Pencil striped top and pants Ensemble... And the most Breathtaking of all... On Alana Zimmer, A Strapless Ocean Blue Masterpiece in Satin Twill with Silver floral embroidery and Hi-Lo hemline was a Jaw-Dropper of Epic Proportion!

It is, in a way, Deeply Heartbreaking and Wonderfully Joyous, that right up until the end, Oscar was Still... OSCAR! He produced a collection of Such prodigious Breadth and Magnitude for Spring that, Had it been Planned as a Fare Thee Well collection, it would have been a Glorious Testament to His Genius, His Craft, His Brilliance! As it was, For Oscar, it was Simply, Business as usual. The Business of making Every Woman, Beautiful. Now, Could there be any Finer a Remembrance for Oscar De La Renta, Than That?

Thank You, Mr. De La Renta. Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart.

R.I.P- Oscar Aristides Renta Fiallo (Oscar De La Renta) July 22, 1932-October 20, 2014.

You will be FOREVER Missed!

That's All.


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