Monday, December 22, 2014

Jeremy Scott.

Weds. 09/10/2014.

After the Bombastic, Runaway train that was the Success of Jeremy Scott's debut at Moschino, It's only natural that his own Label for the next season would be Littered with major Model faces and Celebrity (Hello, Miley!) onlookers waiting for their Next Selfie/Instagram/Hashtag moment. That Scott for his Spring 2015 Eponymous label with somewhat scale things back to a relatable degree was the Ultimate in being the Contrarian! It's his inability to conform and do the expected that is his strong suit and something of his cross to bear. 

In this collection, it perhaps worked to his Advantage. It was a simpler and less Jokey collection than usual and felt more grounded and wearable. The trickery was cut down to a minimum, even though the offering was a Vibrant and Exuberant as per usual. Scott was aping the Style of the young things at those Muddy, Outdoor music festivals like Coachella or Glastonbury or Lollapalooza and such... it also echoed that (In)Famous Marc Jacobs/Perry Ellis Grunge Collection of so many years ago in it's intention. 

Full of Vibrant, Psychedelic, Hallucinogenic prints, from a Shrek Print to a Eye-Spinning Lame Tie-Dye print and Much more, Scott had Cheeky fun with these and his signature Word game Prints... since he was keeping it more simple, it was the simplest outfits that stood out the Most and Best... Lais Ribeiro in a Pumpkin Orange bomber and Bra top with a Sliver of a Black skirt, Reinforcing the Halloween idea insinuated by some Jack-O'Lantern Printed Sweaters elsewhere in the show, Or a "Shrek" Print dress with a Sheer Lame Anorak in a Swirling Tie-Dye print on Herieth Paul. 

Scott is a Mix-Master and he tamed his more rebellious ideas for something that for him, would qualify as Tasteful... Almost. That he did an about face and whereas the expected was for him to go Whole Hog after all the Accolades from Moschino, he actually shocked more by reining in his more "Look-At-Me" Tendencies and focusing on Fun, Giddy Fashion with a Minimum of "Fuck You" Attitude. It was almost as if Jeremy Scott was trying to be Mature! Well... We all have to Grow Up Sometime! 

That's All.


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