Monday, December 15, 2014

Diesel Black Gold.

Tues. 09/09/2014.

KISS. Keep. It. Simple. Stupid! Sometimes this refrain is the most Salient logic that can be repeated, Mantra-Like, for anyone at anything (Frank Gehry, Are you Listening out there?) at most times! Andreas Melbostad stuck to that principle for his Spring 2015 Diesel Black Gold collection. It reaped him Spectacular benefits, Studs, Stars, Leather, Denim, Crop Tops, Short Skirts... If you mess up that formula, God Help You! 

It was these simple things that propelled the Diesel Black Gold show light years ahead, proving that Simple things done well and done right are infinitely more stylish than Overreaching fashion that only intrigues the imagination. In that Vein of reasoning, Melbostad also did not complicate things with too much colour, sticking mainly to Black, with insertions off White, Red, Chambray Blue and Cement Grey. This kept everything Clear throughout so that there was no Deviation of the Theme at hand. 

Dresses cut out of Leather limned the body and were accented with either Tiny Nail head studs of larger, flatter ones conveyed a toughened up Rockabilly Chic while Trim pants and Swingy dresses that were subtly A-Lined or fuller in the skirt. The best pieces were when Melbostad hit that Sweet spot of Tough, Biker Chic crossed with Rocker Chic, A Black Zip-Front studded jacket was Clean, Yet Ornamental and paired with a Saucy skirt decorated with Studs and Stars. Also of note, A Neat Cropped BlackTuxedo Bolero jacket with a Leggy Black leather Pencil skirt with micro Nail head studs on the sides. 

Melbostad is deeply in his groove Chez Diesel, as evidenced by this Excellent collection. All one can possibly ask of him in the future is... More, Please! 

That's All.


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