Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vera Wang.

Tues. 09/09/2014.

No! Just NO, Vera Wang. This Will NOT Do. Spring 2015 was perhaps the Most Hideously Ugly collection I have seen in Ages. It was... Mystifying! Even More so, It was Dumbfoundingly Horrible. Nothing here came together to create anything other than Bleak, Dour, Dismayingly Sad clothes. Wang showed a Joyless, Apocalyptic, Dystopian view of fashion that had all the Fun and Beauty drained out of it like it had been prepared for Embalming. 

How Wang comprised this Malignancy of fashion Baffles the mind. At every turn, Here, There, Everywhere, virtually, was Nonsense. The Proportions of many items made the Models look Wide and Thick, Or they were adorned with Ruffles that made them look Lumpen and Overly Complicated. Also, the clothes were So short as to be Harlot-like and Whorish, even in their Extravagant Fabrics and Gorgeous crystal embroideries which fell as flat as a Corpse on the Tragic dresses they were surmounted upon. There was just so much that Bewildered the imagination that it sank into Despair So fully and completely that it would have been Sad had it not been so Willfully Obstinate and Convinced of it's own Brilliance! 

The finale Parade of gowns were simply Awful and filled with such Abject Dread they looked funereal, The ONLY positive moment was a series of Saucily Short Black dresses with Tone-on-Tone Embroidery at the bust and hem that even though they were Scandalously short, could also be interpreted off the runway by a Savvy Fashionista into something Viable. Otherwise... Throw this garbage in the trash and be gone with it. Wang hit a New low with this collection and seems to keep outdoing herself in finding and even lower low to mine for Distractingly AWFUL Clothes. It's not a Pretty affair. And it doesn't look like it's going to get any prettier any time too soon! 

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