Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zero + Maria Cornejo.

Mon. 09/08/2014.

Insofar as Urban Bohemian goes, Maria Cornejo has that vibe down to a Science. Viewing her Spring 2015 collection, one got the immediate sense that she was aspiring to develop a New vocabulary of what Urban and Bohemian mean to her, and in the grandest scheme, her customer. This collection was far more Genteel and Gentle. It was a refreshing change of pace for the house and opened a world of possibilities for Cornejo to expand her Dialogue with her Customer.

Cornejo indulged in some soft sculpture that looked energetically Modern with out the Artistic Gravitas. The best pieces to exhibit this Patina of Sculpture were also dynamically easy to wear, A Curvy, Spongy Neoprene tunic top in White over Black drapey Trousers very early on was showing Immense ease coupled with Arty Allure. A Black trimmed White Neoprene coat a few outfits later was also showing Control of Volume and Fit and was as sharp and sleek, even in it's Generous Shape.

Cornejo played around with some Colour Blocking as well as a rather Optic print that she managed to finesse into not looking Garish. The Usual suspects of a Zero Maria Cornejo collection showed up in transformed Guises but retained enough of their DNA as to be recognizable. Maria Cornejo always Impresses, She never fails to Twist her signatures enough each season as to keep them Innovative and Renewed Afresh each go-round... This was just a new Page in the Current Chapter of an Engrossing Novel!

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