Monday, December 22, 2014


Weds. 09/10/2014.

Josep Font has in one since, Single-Handedly Reinvented the idea of Couture. His Delpozo Collections are as close to Haute Couture without the Haute as one could possibly Envision... Extraordinarily Luxe Materials, Precision and Elaborate cuts, Extreme Creativity, Complex Embroidery and Embellishment. All present and accounted for! Spring 2015 was no less a Victory on all these fronts than before.

In his short time at Delpozo, Font has Quickly Re-Positioned this label at the forefront of the American and International Fashion. With Fascinating and Directional fashion like this being seen today, He'll keep it there. Citing Artist Josef Albers and his Vibrant and Virtuoso, if not sometimes Jarring colour sense, Font splashed bright colours all over his Exquisitely Haute Sportswear, which elevated it beyond the commonplace. Volume was another aspect of this collection that separated it from the Throng... and there was Plenty of experiments in Volume, from a pair of Super Wide Lawn Green Pallazzo pants with a cropped White top with Midnight Blue turn-back short sleeves, To a Corn Yellow Flared Coat with a pair of White flared Bermuda shorts.

On the Embellished front... a Tabard coat the colour of Lobster Bisque, with Coral and Pink beading at the Chest to a GORGEOUS Couture Gown of Dawn Beige Hammered Silk overlayed with Embroidered Lace at the Bodice and to the Thigh that could have floated down any Runway in Paris during Couture week. Along the way, Font Scrolled and Rolled and Folded Fabrics in the most Disarming ways creating Strange and Wonderful Arcs and Flourishes on his Dresses and Coats that injected even more of the Artiste's Hand into the clothes and gave us a number of Gasp-Clutch-The-Pearls Moments.

This may not have had the Impact of his Breakthrough Collection last Spring, but it was a Powerful move forward for the label and an Incredible exploration of Font's Talent and Brilliance. Delpozo is going to make people stand up and take Notice of Josep Font, This collection is another Cog in the Machine that is Moving towards Superstardom!

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