Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Naeem Khan.

Tues. 09/09/2014.

Sportswear? At Naeem Khan? Not just Sportswear but "SPORT" Wear, Athletic styles wound their way through this Super Glamourous collection giving a Fresh, Spirited energy to the collection, even though in the end it was still Business as Usual. From Shimmering Bias-Cut Satin columns, to Lavishly Sequined stunners and Poufy Ballgowns, all of Khan's Bases were covered from Front to Back.

That didn't stop the Athletic moments from wonderfully welcome. Take the two Short dresses early in the Edit that were Colourfully and Elaborately Beaded and Sequined with little Black collars that looked like they were Deluxe T-Shirts or Polos. Definitely a Breath of fresh air. Or the Richly Embroidered pullovers paired with "Sweat" Pants.

Khan's collection did run on a bit on the excessive side with it's edit and could have been whittled down by a good dozen outfits, but it has to be given to Khan for being so Prodigious with his Lineup. The Stunners were many in this Cavalcade of Beauty, But those Slinks of Satin, in their Pure, Untouched state, were Clearly the ones giving the Heart Palpitations. From a Goldenrod Yellow version to the Scarlet Red asymmetric version. The best was an Ice Blue Column on Betty Adewole that stole the Show!

It was a Smashing Collection for Khan, he energized his Repertoire with new ideas that worked quite ingeniously in with the Standbys of Glam Luxe that people come to Khan For. Innovation is never a bad thing, and when one can Integrate that into the fabric of one's House Signature... It's all the more reason to Celebrate! Pop That Cork, Naeem!

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