Friday, December 19, 2014

Michael Kors

Weds. 09/10/2014.

Michael Kors.

There was a Moment, very early in the Spring 2015 Michael Kors show, when we knew Dorothy wasn't in Kansas Anymore! The first Salvo of All White outfits were Prototypical Michael Kors. Beautiful as all Hell, Yes, But not exactly revolutionary, Although Malaika Firth did again get the Absolutely Cutest White Lace dress as she did the day previous in the Oscar show. But when Exit No. 5 strutted down the runway on Maartje Verhoef, The whole look of the collection, Shifted.

A simple White Shirt it may have been on top, but the little Yellow Flowers embroidered all over the the Brief, Swingy Skirt... was Joy Encapsulated! Kors explored a new, somewhat heretofore unseen side of himself with this Jardin Influenced Spring collection. This was one of Kors' most Exquisitely Rendered and Accomplished collections in recent Memory. It was a Breath of Pure Happiness and Gaiety! From that point on, Kors Traversed a relentlessly Upbeat Path that renewed one's faith in the Power of Clothes to Uplift and Enliven the life of the wearer!

Kors' Sunny Disposition was the Mirror that this collection looked into, He himself is all Positivity and Joviality, Even in the Face of adversity, And this collection was what finally looked like his Sartorial twin. Lest we forget, though, Kors is resolutely Uptown, and his woman expects nothing less than an Urban, Upscale take on all these Flowers Strewn about the Michael Kors Runway. As much as she might want to smile, she also wants to look Strong, Rich and Powerful... Kors hit all those buttons with Effortless ease!

As with any Michael Kors collection, There was an abundance of pieces to choose from to Highlight, one suffered from a wealth of choices to pick amongst. It was truly being spoiled for choice. All the Michael Kors Hallmarks where there to marvel at, in Fresh, New Configurations, Like the Yolk Yellow Fisherman's coat and cuffed Dark Denim Jeans that was Exhilaratingly Vibrant. Try, Perhaps, the Simple/Luxe Dichotomy of a Pristine Long White Tee worn with a Swirling Skirt of Tulle lavishly embroidered with White Sequin flowers that was just Carefree and Easy! Also as Carefree, A Green Gingham Sundress on Sasha Luss that was Springtime Defined in One piece!

More, You Say? Well, of course. Mariana Santana in a Black T-Shirt dress that was Highlighted with Naive and Sprightly Bronze 3-D Flowers that had an Artisanal, Handmade quality to them, while a Sash Waisted Plaid Sundress on Leila Nda could work in the Office as much as in the Country! What about the Mod-ish Chic of the Dark Denim Balmaccan That was an ABSOLUTE Necessity piece for next Spring? Perchance, The Black Wrap top and Plaid Clam Diggers are more the Ideal Summer Outfit?

Of the Multiple Floral pieces to choose from, A Full skirted Dance Dress on Kati Nescher in Ink Blue with Giant Magenta Flowers was Especially Gorgeous as was a Navy version with Wisteria Flower embroidery. Or, The Couture worthy Floral print dress on Josephine Le Tutour in a Vibrant shade of Bougainvillea Pink on White, Blissful!

Kors proved beyond any shadow of doubt that his Powers of Design are Masterful on a whole other level. He is the Reigning King of New York Fashion. With The sad Passing of Oscar De La Renta, One can see Michael Kors being the American Ambassador of Luxurious, Uptown Fashion that brings Dreams to life for the women of the World. Not as if anyone could ever Replace Oscar, No, Not in a Billion Years, But as in any circumstance, there is an Inevitable Changing of the Guard... Kors is Poised to be that Change and Carrier of that Mantle, And I, For one, couldn't Possibly envision any one Better suited to the Job!

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