Friday, December 5, 2014

Dennis Basso.

Mon. 09/08/2014.

It's rather Fascinating to see how Dennis Basso stalwartly swims against the Fashion Tide and resolutely does his own thing. In Basso's World, Women wear scads of Fur in the Springtime and live in Crocodile and Alligator Leather pieces with the ease of Jeans and Sweats. That's a Mighty rarefied world to inhabit. And it makes for some truly Magisterial fashion.

For his Spring 2015 found himself reminiscing about Monte Carlo and the Cote d'Azur in the late 60's when he vacationed there with his parents and the Devil May Care attitude of the French/European women of that time. The funny thing is, Basso isn't a Devil May Care kind of designer, he is a very Thoughtful, Considerate, Luxurious Designer, and even though those South of France Beauties in the 60's were Ornately Adorned, they were also Carelessly Ferocious. Basso is rarely Ferocious, but he is Insanely Glamourous.

This year, he started off slowly with a less than Powerful opening section, mainly in Alabaster. the clothes looking as luminous as Rare Carrera Marble, Basso of late has been trying to Youth-ify his clothes and make them look more attractive to a younger clientele, and while that goal was achieved, it wasn't completed in the most Flattering of ways. The opening outfits were surely fresher, but felt overworked in their effort to be more Edgy and Young. Again, simplifying things is the road to salvation and when Basso did obey this commandment, his clothes won raves easily, like a Lustrous Croc vest with Sleek pants and a Chinchilla collar was Deluxe and Sportif. His more overwrought offerings in this section in combos of thick Pelmets of Fur and Croc were particularly excessive looking.

By the time Ajak Deng sauntered down the Runway in strapless dress in Smoke Grey embroidered in Acid Yellow, things were back in their proper places. After this, Stunning Creation, the following dresses and gowns were all pretty much Superstar pieces, one after another. A strapless Masterpiece of a Ballgown on Leomie Anderson, Deeply and Heavily embroidered in Flowers in again, Smoke Grey, was dripping with Gravitas. Basso's Gilets in Combinations of Fur and Croc or Sheared Fur were Invigorating little additions that kept his focus on the house signature Narrowed through the entire collection, It was, however, a Smoke Grey coat, pieced together to look like a Moire Pattern worn over a little nothing of a Jumper that had the Most decidedly Youthful appeal!

Basso is steadfastly doing his own thing and isn't Kowtowing to what the Fashion pundits say is "Now" or "Today" he has his women, and yes they are Multitudes, who buy his delights from his Enchanted Garden with renewed Vigour every season. This season shows no sign that this trend will be abating in the near future!

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