Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zac Posen.

Mon. 09/08/2014.

Zac Posen.

After his beyond Perfect Fall 2014 collection, one would have to auger that it would be a Insanely difficult task for Zac Posen to top that show afterwards. Only those who have the True Gift of Genius are Capable of that feat. Posen did not rise to the lofty heights that his Fall collection soared him to for Spring 2015, it was however Quite a Lovely Affair, even if some of the pieces suffered slightly from Taxing Overdesign.

Again, when adhering to the Basest of all Principles, Less IS More, All good things follow in that wake. When Posen let his simplest voice speak loudly, the rewards were far greater than when he tried to exaggerate that voice and speak in a more Eccentric dialect. Not that some of his Phantasmagorias of Architectural design weren't thrilling, it is just most times they appeared Stiff and Lifeless, as if just produced to garner Oohs and Aahs! He kept things honed in on the Simple Target by reducing everything to Solid blocks of Black, White or Red and never did any twain meet.

A Spectacular Lipstick Red suit on Grace Bol was Breathtaking while a Black version on Manon LeLoup was Equally Brilliant. Though a few too many of the Evening pieces were far too Maddeningly Excessive in their design and also were Stiff. Posen needs to learn to pare back more and go the road less ornate sometimes.

In the end, Posen put forth a Solid Effort with some Stunners on display for all to see. He just needs to get a little less carried away with it all and Reduce the gimmicks, For when he focuses on the Purity of his clothes, He can inject his Penchant for Dramatic design elements into them and they come out Golden. When he doesn't do as such... he's only mining Iron Sulfide.

That's All.


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