Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Anna Sui.

Weds. 09/10/2014.

Anna Sui may know her customer and her own aesthetic very well, And surely, She does. That, however, does not mean, Though, that her collections are not almost comically redundant to the point of pointlessness... For they Are! Being a Michigan Native, I am somewhat bound to be her Cheerleader, Though that does not mean that I will just turn a Blind Eye and throw Accolades her way when, Sadly, we have ALL Seen this iteration of Fashion from Sui. Perhaps, One (or Ten) Too many times. 

This, Admittedly, is Sui's Wheelhouse, One that an observer would wish she was less familiar with and Ensconced in. Sui would be do herself a world of Good to move beyond this Hippie, Trippy, 60's Rock 'N' Roll vibe that seems to run like a thread through all her collections. This collection was more inflected by those ideas than usual. Citing Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards, George Harrison and Psychedelic Poster artist Nigel Weymouth... All this swirled about in a Haze (Purple, Perhaps?) of Denim and Flowers and Granny Cardigans and pretty much every Rote Trope known to Anna Sui. 

To be honest, It was hard to like this collection. And, I didn't. It was Atavistic, Costume-y and really completely Out of Sync. This doesn't calm my adoration for Ms. Sui. But this collection Honestly, failed to impress me in any way. If I was hard pressed to pick out some outfits that did move me... I'd just be hard pressed, I really Couldn't do anything resembling favouring any outfit in this show. 

Sui needs to move beyond this Boho/Hippy/Grunge/Rock 'N' Roller vibe that plagues all of her collections, Hitting the Refresh Button on her Aesthetic and trying something new might do her a World of Good. As it stands now, The Song Remains The Same. 

That's All.


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