Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pamella Roland.

Tues. 09/09/2014.

And Now, For our Moment of Zen. Pamella Roland took flight for Spring 2015 with an Inspiration culled from a Japanese Zen garden and let it wing her to one of her Strongest and Best collections in some time. I have a Soft spot for Ms. Roland (as well as one Ms. Tracy Reese and one Ms. Anna Sui) whom are all Michigan girls. Their collections always attract my scrutiny and when they are as good as this, My Illicit Praise! 

Everywhere one alighted their eye onto, they were rewarded with something Modern and Inspired. There was a Luxury element to everything, whether it was the Luxury of Restraint, or the Luxury of Elaborateness due to Beautiful, Richesse Fabrics and Extravagant Beading and Embroidery. A Super pale Blush Pink V-neck Mesh Lace dress with a flaring skirt was Minimal but not Innocuous as well as being Delightfully Pretty... Or a Dramatic Strapless Slate Blue Evening ensemble Evocatively printed with enlarged Sakura Blossoms that was untouched but for it's Gorgeous Fabric but was as Opulent as anything Glitzed up with Embroidery. 

On the Bedazzled side... A White stunner with Swirls of beading in Silver and White and a Flying skirt of pieces of Chiffon was Quietly Glitzy but still got the message across fully, While a Strapless Glass like Satin Organza Ballgown embellished with Silvery Multicolour Brocade like patches of Flowers was Regally Exquisite. Also of note, a Glassy, Shiny, Patterned material that looked like Water rippling in motion was a STUNNING Fabric that DeVos used Judiciously in two dresses, one Short, one Long, that had me wishing for another appearance! 

Pamella DeVos Hit this one out of the Park, In some ways, And this is a Compliment, it had the feeling of Giorgio Armani, in all the best ways. This was an Inventive and Smashing collection for the house of Pamella Roland. One of her best, In Fact. With Tracy Reese's OUTSTANDING Collection and Ms. DeVos' Stunning showing, Michigan seems to having a Moment with it's designers whipping up some Fantastic collections. Hopefully, This is a Trend that is just beginning to start to Peak! 

That's All.


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