Thursday, December 18, 2014

Narciso Rodriguez.

Tues. 09/09/2014.

Narciso Rodriguez.

While it wasn't as Strong a Presentation as has been usual for Narciso Rodriguez, Spring 2015 had it's moments. Narciso is a Modernist and Minimalist at the same time. He, in the last couple seasons, has shown a Startling amount of Ingenuity and Inventiveness in his collections that made them not only Desirable, But Covetous and as well as Intellectually Stimulating.

While there was something Inherently Graphic about Rodriguez's collection it was also Strongly Athletic. Lean, Spare and Fluid silhouettes predominated. Lithe, Leggy pants proved that Rodriguez is a Master of Flattering cut, but his cut with the dresses and tops this season left a bit to be desired. His attention that was lavished on the pants (and equally the Fabulous Outerwear, I.E. Jackets, Coats, Vests...) would have serviced the dresses and skirts incredibly. Not all was lost in the Dress section, some Beaded numbers, a Trio of dresses, in Black, Pitch Dark Navy and White with Squiggles of Embroidery had Great movement and flattered the form.

Generally, Though, the dresses Rodriguez focused on looked Haphazard, as if they were not thought through completely and failed to Cohere. A Finale passage of beaded dresses was Strangely Ethereal but Grounded and closed the show on a Strong note. Narciso continues to move forward with His intellectual, artistic approach to Modern Sportswear and his experiments are often Intriguing and Satisfying. This outing however, didn't manage to mesh the two halves, Art and Commerce, into a convincing whole.

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