Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tory Burch.

Tues. 09/09/2014.

It's very hard not to look at a Tory Burch collection and not Smile. So full of Optimism and Vibrance and Positivity that to not smile would be an affront to seemingly Mother Nature herself. Bedecked in the Sunny, Spicy colours of Southern France but not so much the Cote d'Azur (which has been running around as inspiration quite a bit) this was the Southern France of Picasso and his Lover, Francoise Gilot. 

If one couldn't Feel the Sunny side of France in the Yolk-y Goodness of the opening Suit in a Relaxing shade of Egg Yolk Yellow and White, Then one might just be Help And Hopeless! From that point forward was an endless parade of Happy, Upbeat pieces influenced by Vallauris in Southeastern France where Picasso and his Lover, Gilot, Worked and Loved and gave the world Paloma. 

This was not perhaps, Burch's most Invigorating collection, being a bit weaker than the last two very strong shows, but what it lacked in Pow, it made up for in the most Deliciously Desirable and Luscious clothes. These clothes breathed with an Amazing Easiness and Subdued Sensuality. They were certainly more Youthful and Vivacious than per usual, The most fun fact, was the more Advanced Techniques on display, as in the Printed Basketweave Leather in Vibrant tones, as well as the Engineered Broderie Anglaise that looked more African than French.

To Point out some pieces that elevated themselves above the rest... A White Silk sleeveless dress with a Wood Grain print Band across the midriff in boldly bright Cobalt, or perhaps the Linen coat Splashed across the front with Lavish crystal embroidery or the Parchement softly Boxy Jacquard coat overembroidered in Brown Thread that won the show! Burch is one of the Power Players in Global Fashion. With this show, she stands to continue holding such a position for a long while to come. It had the definite take of a American Abroad, and will appeal to not only the Fashion Elite, but to the Everyday Woman. That right there is pretty much a formula for success! 

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