Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Adam Lippes.

Sat. 02/08/2014.

Adam Lippes has gone Urban Boho! There was a delightful restrained Eccentricity to his City ready Outfits that gave them an extra added quotient of noticeability amongst the throng, And don't all fashionistas want to be noticed? Well, Look no further, Proud Fashion Peacocks! Lippes' Fall 2014 outing was perhaps his most Daring and Risky, and in taking that risk was also not as solid a lineup as past collections, dim the lustre it did, but only in the most marginal of senses. However, Better the risk than Stagnation!

The Boho affect came via Lippes Inspiration for Fall, The Grateful Dead. Stating that, he himself is a Dedicated DeadHead, Lippes looked towards the Hippy inflection of the Dead Culture and translated that (With MUCH Recalibration) into something City Chic with a Bohemian twist, Envisage the Urban Hippy juxtaposition of a Slim lined Black toggle coat worn over a Lace Dress at Look No. 7 that could take a Woman through Spring to Fall with ease, While Look No. 16 was Channeling Diane Keaton as "Annie Hall" and as herself NOW in a Mannish Plaid Pairing of a pullover "Vest" and Pants and a White Blouse.

Lippes' Slender Edit was Powerful in it's Laser Precise vision of his Woman.and will continue keeping his name on the lips of fashionable women across the Globe. As I spoke of last season about Lippes and Deborah Lloyd that both are producing collections better than many of the houses showing on the runways during NY Fashion week. They need to, Lippes ESPECIALLY, who has shown on the runway before, Do formal Shows and get the attention they so richly deserve. Lippes is a Force Majeur in the making, He needs to start taking the steps to realize that Destiny!

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