Monday, July 14, 2014

Juan Carlos Obando.

Thurs. 02/06/2014.

Juan Carlos Obando.

Loving that Juan Carlos Obando is such a Gentle, Kind person with an awesome personality, it pains me in the gravest sense to admit that I found his Fall 2014 Collection, Lacking. The show was Mercifully Brief, but that seemed to compound the underwhelming aspect. The clothes were complicated in it's layering effects and flattered not one drop in their droopiness. Another demerit must be given for the simple reason that there was no Daywear. All evening wear shows, in my estimation, already start 65% Weaker because simply watching one confection after another is Dulling and Boring. Here that fact was heightened by the less than Glamourous Clothes.

The proceedings did not get off to a good start, and it wasn't until Exit No. 10 that things even began to look up, A Mallard Teal Satin gown that was Giving Great Flou. As an aside, the outfits that were Pajama-like, tops worn with Fluid Pants, looked far too casual, and awkward with their One long sleeve. The Best of the Bunch was a Creamy White long sleeve blouse worn with a long Column skirt in Deep Caramel at Exit No. 17.

It's saddening, The potential is there and Obando already has a healthy client base, but this collection isn't going to propel him any further in the business, Obando needs to sharpen his aesthetic. The one he's working now is not the stuff that Super Stars are made of!

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