Thursday, July 31, 2014

Custo Barcelona.

Sun. 021/08/2014.

Has Custo Dalmau Lost his Ever Loving Mind? Fall 2014 was a Bewildering affair that no words could possibly do justice in explaining. Everything was Off, The Styling, The Hair, The Makeup, THE CLOTHES!! And The EDIT! 70 Exits? 70!?!?! That could have been shorn by at least 2/3, Truly it could have! It was a Crazy mix of clothes that didn't really look like they belonged on a runway, or if they did, A runway in the Late 80's or Early 90's! 

Going into detail about the 80's inspired messes on presented is a complete waste of words, there was just something Tacky and Atavistic here that left a definite unpleasant taste in one's mouth! Were there a few pieces to comment on that didn't look Horribly of the wrong time??? Not really, in all truth. Each piece was more unfortunate than the one before it. Again, The Less Said The Better! and with that This Review Comes to It's End! 

That's All.


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