Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Derek Lam.

Sun. 02/09/2014.

Derek Lam produced one of my Favorite collections for Spring 2014. It was Perfectly Controlled and Conceived and was a Highlight of a season already Rife with Spectacular showings. Fall 2014 did not meet the same Breath-Caught-In-Chest Kind of Frisson but was still one of those collections in which you felt you had witnessed something profound transpiring and left you thinking about well after it was over! Lam's collection was Subtly Reserved, But not Restrained. There was a Quiet Extroversion to the Deftly Luxurious clothes being gazed upon. 

Lam's Colour palette was to be remarked upon, Clashing combinations were De Rigueur for the day, Bottle Green with Curry and Oatmeal in the opening exit were quite the unexpected Pairing. From there Lam gave us everything from Cornflower Blue, Kelly Green, Chocolate and bits and pieces of Clover Green, Coral and Aqua. 

Lam's Selection of clothing as well turned up the Covet Quotient with Fine Tailoring and Luscious Pieces. A White Suit at Exit No. 8 Moved with the Graceful spirit of a 70's era Faye Dunaway but would look just as Key on a Woman of Charlize Theron's Majesty! The Giant Grey coat that followed was just another Exceptional piece in the already overweight Cavalcade of Incredible coats this season!

I can't spend lines and lines of text Gushing over all the Phenomenal work and pieces here, so I am limiting myself severely. Hanae Gaby looked So LONG and LEAN and TALL in the Black Suede Jumpsuit with the T-Shirt bodice at Exit No. 13 and Black Lace strapless number at Exit No. 27 on had a little Dior in it's mind. Finishing Strong with a Trio of dresses in slashed Seaming with tiny Gold Studs interspersed in the fabric made quite the Racy and Daring statement as much more skin than one would imagine visible from the relatively Austere dresses! The White One on Sasha Luss, Exit No. 31 Positively Purred! 

Lam is hitting his Stride with Bold Confidence and after viewing this Collection Daring! It's Paying off, He has a New Investor and some capital to work with... Lam has Secured his place in the books as one of NY Fashion, Globa; Fashion., Major Players! He's a Big Name in the Making and will become, for the New Generation of Fashion Heavy Hitters he stands with, like the Michael and Mark and Calvin and Ralph and Donna of the next era. With Lam at the Helm, NY Fashion is in Steady Hands! 

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