Monday, July 28, 2014


Sat. 02/08/2014.

Breathtaking. Simply, Breathtaking! Joseph Altuzarra Made a Statement for Fall 2014 of Quiet Luxury that Rang from the Bell Towers with Clarion Precision! Altuzarra Channeled all of the Best qualities of Narciso Rodriguez, Donna Karan, Michael Kors and even a Little of Calvin Klein in the Minimalist 90's and Synthesized that into an Elixir so Potent and so Artfully Joseph Altuzarra that it caused an almost Physical Shock to see such Masterful Cross-Pollination! 

Purity. Quality and Severity Coalesced together into something so Radiant, so Acutely Perfect, that one had to really double take to believe what they were seeing. In a brief edit of only 30 pieces, Altuzarra made an impact of Herculean importance! Starting off with that Magical Blue-On-Blue Statement coat that had the DNA of Old School DK running through it. Simple as the Night is Dark, It was a Jaw Dropper! The contrast of Cadet Blue against the more Searing Lapis Collar was to become the Trademark Trope of the Clothes Story... Sober Colour Outside, Flamboyant Colour Inside! It made me think of Isaac Mizrahi's Fall 1992 Collection that he Called "Hidden Riches" where all the Colour and Extroversion were Hidden inside the Clothing... This was a Modern 21st Century riff on that idea! 

This collection would have been an abject Failure if Altuzarra's Tailoring Skills were not TOP NOTCH! When things are this Subdued and Quiet, Your Technique is the only thing that saves it, otherwise it would look simply Desperate and Shoddy instead of Confident and Peerless! Everything here was Covetably Precise! Gaze upon a Spruce Green Wrap coat, Exit No. 10... So Divinely Flawless it positively ached with Ascetic Pureness. 

Altuzarra also let his more Wild side show... Kinda like letting his Freak Flag Peek Out a little rather than Fly at Full Mast. The multicolour woven pieces Hand Loomed by NY Textile Artisans were clearly more Extrovert and Flashy, but They Complemented the Stark nature of the rest of the collection and gave it a Much needed injection of Surprise and Risk! The Hand Painted Shearling coats at Exit Nos. 21 and 22 were Psychedelically Trippy and Vibrant (Most Notably No. 21 which was Retina Bursting in it's Vivacious Hues!) and were also of the Risky Ilk! 

When it was All over, It had seemed like a Mirage... Happening in all of about 8 minutes, You were transported to an Isle of Sleek, Modern, DEVASTATING Chic. Joseph Altuzarra not only Created a Collection that will Skyrocket him into the Fashion Consciousness All over the Globe, But he might have also just Changed the game in Fashion. This was a Shot heard round the Planet and It will be the High Point of the season. It Just might be a Collection that will live On in Fashion History, Forever! 

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