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Sun. 02/09/2010.

In just one season of showing during NY Fashion Week, Josep Font has Catapulted the Spanish house of Delpozo into the Fashion Stratosphere and made a near Superstar of Mr. Font. Rightfully so! Font has presented something so Unique and Precious during NYFW, Something so Rare on that Calendar, that it's almost as if one has been invited into some Grand Vault to view The Rarest of Rarities... A Jewel of Incomparable Stature, An unknown Van Gogh, An Unpublished Beethoven... 

For Fall 2014, Font was caught up in a Multi-Layered Conception that comprised the Futuristic Novel "Logan's Run" Artist Duilio Barnabe (Google That One!) and "To create something Unattached to the Body that flows" Process all that together and Voila! You Get a Stunning Piece of Fashion Wonderment! Font's work straddles the Line (Somewhat like Ralph Rucci) between Super Deluxe Pret-A-Porter and Haute Couture. The attention to detail is Rather Astounding and Meticulous as to be Taxing, But never seems to swim in those waters!

One thing must be mentioned as well... These clothes are not Easily Digested and Palatable to the everyday Fashion Spectator or Enthusiast. There is something so Viciously Modern in Font's Approach that even sometimes (most times) it looks Romantic and Atavistic, It is Resolutely Modern, almost conceived in the same Spirit that Raf Simons' Imbues Dior with Now! Take these pieces apart from their respective Outfits or simply pay keen attention to them and one realizes how Futuristic these works are, Nostalgic seeming, Mayhaps, but Very much Looking towards the next evolution of fashion! No one said Future Fashion HAD to Be Clinical and Cold, Now did they?

Analyzing Outfits would be a Fools Errand, The clothes are too Esoteric for Apt Analysis. One can say to just simply Marvel at the pieces that stand out even more resoundingly from the pack, A Undulating Porcelain Blue dress at Exit No. 8 Was just The Zenith of Refinement and Grace, Or the two Ecstatically coloured Blanket Plaid Mohair coats of Exit Nos. 21 and 22 which were Buzzingly Vibrant! How about the Dreamy, Airy embroidered Mauve shot Storm Blue gown on Ming Xi at Exit No. 33? Perfection!

Font has quickened the pulse of many a Fashion Insider and is quickly making Delpozo a Can't Miss Epic during Fashion Week. If he keeps fascinating with collections such as this and Last Spring's, He'll be Fashion Royalty In No Time Flat!

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