Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Alexander Wang.

Sat. 02/08/2014.

Truly, Leave it to Alexander Wang to take the Whole Sporty premise that has seemed to Suffuse itself to the Face of Fashion as of late like Fashion was John Hurt down on Planet LV-426 and Run with it to it's most Extreme degree. Wang was concerned with "Extreme Conditions and Survival" and that meant he was referencing all manner of Outdoor Adventuring. Mountain Climbing, Hunting, Hiking, But for the Urban Adventurer! Within this construct, it wasn't Typical Wang, and in stepping out of his Comfort Zone, It produced some uneven results, Though, when it was Strong, It was Atlas-like in it's Strength! 

Opening with Odes to Multifunctionalism, the first set of pieces were laden with Snap Pockets and pen holders and little compartments for holding all the Urban Necessities but Applied to Strict Chic pieces made for the woman on the Go! It didn't look like Prototypical Wang, but it did look Wildly Good, Especially Exit No. 3, A cardigan like Coat. These were mutated and transformed in multiple ways, culminating in a Caramel Coloured topcoat of Sensational Measure! 

One thing was apparent was that Wang was working his Tailoring Skills out hard on this go-round! From some Sharp Suits to Crisp Outerwear. Wang Loves a good Knit too, and showed an abundance of differing ones, from Oversized mulitcolour Tape Style knits, to Fluo Zig-Zags and more! There was also a Full-On assault of Outerwear that fluctuated between Zippy Mountaineer jackets with Wide Banded trim to Puffy Anoraks Hand-Painted with Rocky mountain scenes To Ragged Hem Suede/Shearling pieces that looked like Caveman pelts Transmogrified in the most Refined of ways! 

This all culminated with A awesome trick of High-Tech Fabric Development... The finale pieces all looked to be Black Leather and the Final dozen models stood on a rotating portion of the Runway, and moved in front of Heat Blowing vents stationed in front of them... as the heat warmed the Leather, they Changed into Vibrant Hues of Delicate Lace-Like patterns in Acid Yellow and Ultraviolet Purple, And a Brio shade of Aqua! It was a Magical Moment that could only be achieved in our Highly Technological age. It was a Brilliant and Outstanding Display! 

Wang secured his place in the Fashion Power Player Cognoscenti some while ago, but will continue to keep his place Solidly Locked with further masterpieces like this! It wasn't Clothing wise, his most Spellbinding Outing, Per Se, But it was an achievement of Immense Talent. We can surely expect more of the same in the future! 

That's All.


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