Monday, July 14, 2014


Thurs. 02/06/2014.

No Sophomore Slump Here, Folks! For their second Defile, Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin produced a collection of Incredible Depth and Breadth and Fabulous Design! Lobo and Martin are bringing that rarest of rarities to the NY Fashion arena... An Original Voice! Something New, Something Different. The Tome show was for One, Very Beautiful and Luxe, and for Two, had an individual spirit all it's own. The Prettiness Factor in this show was one of it's strongest points, for it was Terribly Pretty, what rescued it was that it wasn't Saccharine or Treacly.

Opening with a Cafe au Lait shift dress on Grace Mahary with asymmetrical seaming that was giving a feeling of the Hubert de Givenchy "Chemise" but pirouetted into the 21st Century. An Impactful opening to be sure, sounding the alarm for Chicness in one fell swoop! The chic dial was further ratcheted up with a Stunning coat in pale Khaki Beige lined in Lacquer Red at Exit No. 4 that was truly SUMPTUOUS! Further Proof of Innate Chicness... The Black Caban Coat at Exit No. 18 that truly had "Desire" Written all over it. Even More Desirable... the Exit on Ajak Deng, No. 26 of an asymmetric cutaway Fur Gilet over a Glorious pale Crystal Mauve Sequined dress overlayed with Lavish Black lace! DIVINITY WALKING!

This was a spectacular showing for the Duo and in a season of emerging Future Fashion Power Duos, Lobo and Martin are standing on a precipice of future greatness, with the added bonus of being Vogue Fashion Fund Nominees last year, they are picking up momentum in a big way. It seems that they are going to make the absolute very best of that momentum and have the brightest of futures on the horizon.

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