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Sat. 02/08/2014.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista's Lacoste shows have become Must-See Fashion during NY Fashion Week, And rightly so! Baptista's Play on Sportif Luxe is Insatiably Addictive and Desirable. Baptista knows how to tweak the Lacoste Heritage and mold it into something Modern but still classical in it's perception! He has taken a Label that was not even on the Fringes of High Fashion and elevated it to Something now seen as a serious Bastion of Style. Not an easy task, to be sure!

Fall 2014 saw Baptista in Fabulous Form Chez Lacoste, Citing an Inspire gleaned from the Golf legacy hidden in the background of the Lacoste Family as well as Baptista's own lineage. Vague as that inspiration may be, what was culled from it and made into Garments was pretty nifty! Merging Sportif and Utilitarian has been the big trend the past couple seasons On the playing field of Fashion, and Lacoste is perhaps one of it's finest purveyors.

There was something Sleekly Minimalist also, about the wares Baptista was sending down the runway. from an Inky Blue zip-front jacket with a belted waist at Exit No. 2 that Had a vaguely Militaristic feel to it but toed the Sporty Luxe line brilliantly as it was cut in Suede! There was a Definite mannish Curveball thrown into the mix that paralleled the Achingly Wearable Men's Pieces shown alongside. Take the Mannish Topcoat on Grace Mahary at Exit No. 16 paired with matching Pants and a Claret coloured Hoodie, combine this with the Sport touches like Snaps and Zips and Drawstrings and the Juxtaposition was just too Good to not like!

After a mostly Rich and Deeply coloured 2/3 of the collection, Baptista Switched into Soft Powdery neutrals splashed in amongst the Bordeaux and Spinach and Violet colours, Buff and Sage were the primary focuses. especially Gorgeous in a Sage dress and matching anorak at Exit No. 31! Around this part of the show, Baptista got into a groove with some of the most Exceptional Men's Coats that made me wish Winter was here just to be able to wear one those masterpieces (Exit No. 43 was TO DIE!)

Baptistia has given so much fodder for a Riveting and Fresh Wardrobe come Fall that the potential customer will be spoiled for choice! Yet, with choices like these abound, Let the Spoiling begin!

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