Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monique L'Huillier.

Sat. 02/08/2014.

Monique L'Huillier.

It was a pleasant turn of affairs that Monique L'Huillier showed Honest to goodness Daywear, even though it may still have been a rather Luxe-y Version of Day wear it was decidedly less Evening Skewed than usual. Whereas in the past her Day pieces could pass for Early Evening/Cocktail pieces, here they were more subdued and less pointed in the Evening direction. That, Is a Good Thing!

The only failure in this is that for Fall 2014 these Happy Day pieces were anything but graceful or for that matter forward looking. They looked a little... Shall we say... Dowdy! Even when cut out of very technical and interesting Modern Fabrics, like Tweed printed Vinyl that looked like Tortoiseshell or that same Vinyl worked to look like Lace. Even a Floral print that was made to look like a Tweed was Printed Neoprene. The longish hemlines gave a Grandmamma Feel to the clothes and they looked dated to a certain degree. But there were a few that surprised, A Black Chiffon blouse with a strict Pencil skirt in that Printed Vinyl, at Exit No. 3 was Giving Sexy Secretary but in a Modern way with only the barest look back to another era. A Pink dress with a Black Net Overlay at Exit No. 14 was Subtly Sexy and Chic!

As always, it was Evening where L'Huillier Shined. There was a Gothic overtone to the pieces, Lots of Black and L'Huillier even injected some Skulls into her Lace and Embroideries to magnify that Gothic impulse, but she was far more effective when she kept things ebullient and Fairy-Tale Like, even if it was a Dark Fairy Tale! Some of the Best... A Black crepe Gown with a Shocking Pink lining at Exit No 35 on Maria Borges was Slaying it! The Showstopper was the Silk Canvas strapless Ballgown in the Confetti Petal print with a Huge Train at Exit No. 36 was giving Couture Worthy Grandeur!

Concluding with a Black pair of gowns with Fuschia Trellis Embroidery lavished over them (Exit No. 41 a Buoyant Ballgown with Hi-Lo hem was Particularly Special!) L'Huillier proved that in her Metier, She is hard to top. She just needs now to exude that same fearless confidence in her Day wear and all will be Golden. This was a Good Start!

That's All.


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