Monday, July 21, 2014

Nicole Miller.

Fri. 02/07/2014.

Sad to say, Nicole Miller is stuck in the Good Old Nineties. Seeing as their has been a bit of a '90's revival as of late, that may have worked in  her favour, Unfortunately, It did not. In fact, It bogged the collection of Fall 2014 down to the point that it suffered greatly, From Under-Design and uninspiring design to boot! Miller did not manage to turn the temperature to anything above a gentle Simmer.

The first bad move was the Colour Palette. It was All Wrong. Dark, Lifeless Colours conspired with retro, simplistic underwhelming design to Dreadful effect. There was no Vivre to the clothes. Some pieces worked better than others but nothing really was elevated beyond the everyday. Miller offered nothing that couldn't convincingly be found at Forever 21 or Victorias's Secret!

A few good looks, Exit No. 6, A Mock Neck top with Net Mesh sleeves in Black and a Multicolour feather mini was fun, if not exactly the freshest idea. Exit No. 24 was also a great piece, A Slim Black Wool coat with Leather Panels was Haute and Chic in the Easiest of ways! But these pieces alone cannot make a collection a Whole, and the unfortunate retro look of the clothes dragged a collection that will surely find it's fans among Miller's client base to the more mid-market level than the High end. It's sad, Miller has assuredly kept her fan base happy by recycling here greatest hits over and over again, however it has left her stagnant and perhaps afraid to explore more risky territory. That, Sadly, is the most deadly sin to commit in Fashion!

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