Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rebecca Taylor.

Sat. 02/08/2014.

Rebecca Taylor.

Perusing Rebecca Taylor's Fall 2014 collection, There wasn't much to be thrilled with. It was a pretty mundane affair with a few blips on the sonar that were noteworthy. Even though Taylor said she was inspired by a French Artist whose work is done entirely in Chalk and the fleeting ephemerality of those artworks, the clothes gave nothing to back up such an idiosyncratic impulse.

Sometimes the pieces were interesting and well worth seeking out for they were quite covetous, but thrown together in the Mish-Mash that they were combined with lent them little more than Supporting acts in the confused drama. Exit No. 12 was a prime example of Less being More. A simple Salt-And-Pepper Tweed trapeze top and A-Line skirt showing off a sliver of Net swathed midriff made total sense and was unique. Nothing much else matched up to that High Point.

Baldly, there wasn't anything terribly wrong with the collection, it was just bathed in a Patina of Ordinariness. And sometimes, Ordinary is the Worst Offence!

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