Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kate Spade New York.

Fri. 02/07/2014.

Kate Spade New York.

Tokyo. Shanghai. Evocative Names of places that conjure up Exoticism and Modernity all in the same mindset. The love of Travel and the Frisson of packing and buying clothes to travel in and to is an Irresistible notion to gravitate towards. For Fall 2014, Deborah Lloyd at Kate Spade New York did just that and found herself on a flight of Beautiful Fancy. With presentations as such, Deborah Lloyd really needs to take her stuff to the Runway. The collections she has been creating have been strong enough to contend with the big names and as it is are far better than many of the shows being presented during the week!

Starting in Tokyo, Lloyd worked in Chic separates and Fluo Colour, From Crisp Spearmint Green and Electric Blue to Hot Pink and Pear Green. Highlights from this section included a Trim Spearmint jacket and Electric Blue Pegged pants at Look No. 2 and a little Bubble shape Strapless Cocktail dress in Multicolour that looked as if Kenny Scharf and Lacroix were working together at Look No. 8!

Shanghai was more subdued with a concentration on Black and Neutral tonalities. This was the most sedate of the Three sections and benefited from this Subdued element, it gave the clothes a Seriousness amongst the Whimsy. The best outfits in this section included a Somewhat Sly nod to the Michael Kors Signature in a FABULOUS Glen Plaid topper over a Putty Turtleneck sweater dress at Look No. 15 that shouted Elegance and Ease in the same breath! Another was Look No. 18, A Figured Tweed coat in an oversized Hound's Tooth coloured in Nutmeg and Deep Mauve with Rose Pink sweater and pants.

For her Final Section, Lloyd was not concerned so much with a Specific Place as with the Joy of Travelling and the clothes that come with jetting about. This was the most outwardly extrovert of the sections, But was the most Minimal in colouration, Achieved primarily in Midnight Blue with Touch of Porcelain Pink, it also kind of served as the "Evening" Section of the collection, a Bow Neck Shadow Plaid topcoat was worn over a Midnight Blue sequined dress at Look No. 21 or the Near perfect Belted Embroidered Coat with a Fluffy skirt of Ostrich Feathers at Look No. 23. Another Perfect Pairing, the Porcelain Pink embellished coat and skirt with the sleeveless White blouse with Ostrich Feather turtleneck at Look No. 24 was Festive and Luxe!

Lloyd brought her A-Game and exhibited some of the most covetous looks of Fall 2014. They were Chic, Fun, Bright and Incredibly Wearable. Not to mention Original to Lloyd's own Aesthetic and Voice. An aesthetic which should be shown in a Brighter and Bigger Light next season, When Lloyd should show she can run neck and neck with the Big Dogs and Perhaps, with this kind of talent, Surpass them!

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