Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prabal Gurung.

Sat. 02/08/2014.

Let us take a Trip, Shall We? A trip back to September 2013. When Prabal Gurung showed his Wiggle-Licious Spring 2014 collection that bordered on Amazing and then Flash Forward to February 2014 and.... EXCUSE THE HELL OUTTA ME?!?!? What? Could this be the same designer? It just cannot possibly Be? Has Prabal Gurung been taken by the Pod People? I am Agog! 

This collection was not just Awful, It was INCONCEIVABLE! Hideous! Tragic! Stupefying! I don't know what Gurung was aiming to achieve here, but whatever it was, no good came of it! Messy would be far too tame and moreover, KIND a word to describe this Unfortunate, Dismal Affair! Since I have extended myself perhaps too far into the realm of Hyperbole, I shall distill this down to it's concentrated essence, for I could find myself travelling in the lands of Prolixity if I did not! 

Finding himself in the Land of Mustang, A remote little niche in the Himalayas between Nepal (Gurung's Homeland) and Tibet. Inspired by their Native Dress, he came back with what can only be described as a testament to dishevelment. There was an Incoherence that bordered on Hysteria in these clothes. Let's get out of the way that there are some AMAZINGLY Beautiful Luxe Pieces here, especially concerning the Outerwear, but the great number of pieces that were Beauties were smothered in Shambolic Haberdashery! Those Leggy draped skirts that opened the show aren't going to work in the Fall or Winter anywhere but perhaps Tahiti! And those Mysteriously destroyed Jackets and Blazers showing Skin in Askew ways... I cannot begin to relate how Unfathomably wrong they were! 

The Cape Collar coats that were shown were speaking Loud and Clear as Masterpieces, especially the Doubleface one in Chili Pepper Red and Carrot Orange At Exit No. 17. The finale Quartet of Chiffon Gowns as well were hitting the High Notes Like Renee Fleming and were Interestingly Beautiful mainly because of their uniqueness! 

Setting those beautiful pieces aside, everything else just fell into an abyss of Horror. Some may find it Experimental, Edgy, Unique, Artistic even, but coming from someone of Gurung's Copious talent, it was nothing less than a Catastrophe. 

That's All.


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