Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Peter Som.

Fri. 02/07/2014.

Peter Som.

Peter Som is back in Fighting Shape! His Fall 2014 Collection was a thing of Singular Quirky Beauty! Coming back from a strong but not particularly assured collection in the Spring, this collection wove together the signature threads of what makes Peter Som... Peter Som! There were all the signature Offbeat qualities and Chic Quirkiness indicative of Som, plus the Sharp Tailoring that defines Som at his best. That Simple formula was at the root of his opening exit, A belted waist coat in Cadet Blue that was the Picture of Perfection. Cut to within a Micrometer of it's life, It was Covtable in the Extreme.

This was followed by a few more pieces in that Cadet Blue led into a Brief Sojourn into Leopard and then into a Warm Butterscotch and Pumpkin Spice Passage that offered a Leather T-Shirt dress at Exit No. 9 that surely will cause an Instant Craving amongst his Clientele and Beyond. Som offered one of the finest floral prints seen in seasons, a Blurred rose print that he got plenty of Mileage out of and never wore out it's welcome. Seen in White on a pair of Charcoal Toppers or most Vividly on a Pair of Colour Blocked dresses in  Stone, Black and a Softer shade of Safety Orange. He showed just how awesome his Quirkiness is in that same Orange print in a long sleeve dress with a HUGE Pom Pom hem of Ostrich Feathers at Exit No. 19!

There was Plenty More Peaks in this Stellar collection along the way to the Finale of Blurry floral print gowns that gave a 90's Grunge style sense of Romance but made current. A Mock Turtleneck version at Exit No. 34 was more than Fetching but it was the Slack Jaw Drama of the Simplest Charcoal Grey Sheath of a gown at Exit No. 36 that got the Blood to Boil! Som got it SO Right with this collection that it was just a Joyous occasion to witness. Fashion Fans Rejoice!

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