Thursday, July 31, 2014


Sun. 02/09/2014.

Sometimes when you look at a Collection you invariably have to ask a rather Salient Question. 

Who Is This Woman? Where Is She Going?

That was forefront in the mind watching Thakoon Panichgul's Fall 2014 Collection! Who IS he designing for? Where does this Woman Exist? The collection did nothing to clarify that answer, It did in fact the opposite, it obscured it even further. What exactly Panichgul wanted to achieve was barely discernible. I was still left wondering. Sweater tops that worked as Tight little capelets that looked like the Bicep and Shoulders were wearing Knit Snowcaps were A Mystery of Fashion! Why? Then the thrown over the shoulder looking Scarf-Cum-Sweater... Indecipherably Strange! 

These pieces of consternation dominated the whole of the collection, pulling a scrim of incomprehension across the more beautiful and wearable selections! A simple Sweater and Dress in Two tones of Blue at Exit No. 4 was Powerful in it's Austerity and that it was Happily free from trickery. The Pantsuit at Exit No. 5 that followed was also Winning Points for it was Supremely Beautiful! Exit No. 18, A dress comprising a Solid Bodice and long sleeves with a slender skirt of a Gloriously Pretty floral Print that criss-crossed and wrapped around the torso was Simple and Complex all in the same breath! And Was STUNNING! The hazy Rose Quartz coloured Coat and Pant ensemble that followed that dress was Scintillating as well, For Sure! 

One nagging factor that could not be escaped was how much this collection Aped from Raf Simons Chez Dior! The feeling was Unshakable that Panichgul was KEENLY aware of what is going on at La Maison that Christian Built. That Awareness didn't Illuminate anything about this collection, That's For Damn Sure! When it was all Gladly over, One was left scratching their Noggin... What was it that was just witnessed? 

Is this what Panichgul Call Fashion? Is it even able to BE Called Fashion? 

With Questions Like that Hanging in the Air and no clear answers to be found anywhere, that only leaves Confusion. And I, Am left totally enmeshed in Confusion!

That's All.


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