Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rag & Bone.

Fri. 02/07/2014.

Something Mystical, Magical, WONDERFUL Happened Today... Marcus Wainwright and David Neville Actually produced a... Wait For It...


GREAT COLLECTION! (Oh, Aunt Mavis... pass the Smelling Salts!) For their Fall 2014 Rag & Bone Collection, Neville and Wainwright showed a collection that wasn't mired in Tragic Miscalculations and Horrific Styling! Over the last few seasons they have produced some of the most markedly awful shows, but this is a definite showing of the style that made them so loved in the beginning. It wasn't Completely Free from distress, but it was mercifully less horrendous than in recent seasons. 

Let's see... Taking something of the, Shall we Say, Redneck approach to their design aesthetic (Bowling shirts with the Model's Name Stitched on them, Factory Worker fuzzy shearlings, Buffalo Plaid and Deer hunting hooded Pullovers and such) lent a Whimsical, Acerbic comic air to the clothes, And in this instance it works. There was a distinct and characteristic Masc/Fem Juxtaposing going on that worked in favor of the clothes. Take Exit No. 17, A Buffalo plaid coat with a funnel collar that took the Masculine Plaid and mixed it with a Curvy Feminine Shape!

There was a Playful Sense of Luxury afoot as the duo mixed high and low to at times delightful effect. It was cause to Celebrate, Neville and Wainwright have in a sense redeemed themselves from some fashion Tragedies in the past few seasons. Let's Pray that this continues forth and that those terrible collections remain in the past. Buried Deep In the Past!

That's All.


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