Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rebecca Minkoff.

Fri. 02/07/2016.

"It's about taking Menswear-Inspired silhouettes and translating them into Feminine colours and silhouettes" Rebecca Minkoff said about her Fall 2014 offering. Well, Ok! Sadly, That came off more like a uninspiring mess. Minkoff's show held little to be gleaned for the modern Woman's Needs for a Contemporary wardrobe and combined the emerging ubiquitous continuation of last seasons Grunge trend with More Plaid than a "Nirvana" Revival Concert, Ski Caps and Messy layering that the collection just died on the table about 10 Exits in! 

Were there pieces hidden underneath all the Garbled Garbage, I am sure, But one was going to have to dig deep to find it. Those Awkward Cutaway Skirts didn't advance the Style meter any further into the Red, nor sloppy simplicity of some of the outfits. A Sole, Lone Exit shone with a real sparkle and that was just before the end of the show, Exit No. 27, A Pinstripe jacket in Navy with Red Stripes over a Pale sheer Gold Lame Dress. It was quite fetching. But it was far too far along in the proceedings to give any hope of saving the collection as a Whole. Better Luck Next Season, Rebecca Minkoff! 

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