Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tracy Reese.

Sun. 02/09/2014.

Being a Hometown Girl from the Big "D!" I naturally have scads of affection for One Ms. Tracy Reese! I adore her and I adore her work. She has kept herself in the game while not being an Everyday Name, Although she has had a larger profile develop now owing that the FLOTUS Has Worn publicly some of her pieces. However, she keeps things on the calmer side of the fence of fashion and is a Business Woman as well as a Great Designer! 

Her Fall 2014 Collection was one her more accomplished efforts and was Quite Successful in many areas, but the thing that always seems to creep in is her Wanderlust! Reese seems to gravitate in too many directions sometimes and her view alights on perhaps a few too many ideas sometimes, Mercurially so! This leads to a slight sense of disharmony among all the voices singing at once. Fall 2014 was no different an affair than usual, but the Jetes and Arabesques that moved away from the central themes were never so much as to detract from the whole as a Solid Unit. 

Reese's General conceit was that "There's more than One Way to wear a Dress" and Reese is famously known for being a Damn Marvel at making dresses! Focusing on dresses didn't mean Reese forgot about Separates. It was there we found actually most of the best pieces. A Long Coat-like Mustard Chevron Knit Cardigan at Exit No. 3, worn with a Printed Pant and Top it looked as Office Ready as it did for Strolling in An Apple Orchard on the Weekend! A Delicate Nude Frock with Crystal embroidery at Exit No. 11 was so Fragile and Wispy, it looked like it was sourced from some Vintage Store! It spoke Magic! 

Reese does know how to cut a dress, and they virtually all were winners! This was a Great outing for Reese, With a few tiny chinks in the edit (some pieces could have been Mercifully Excised and would have Made things more cohesive, But that's Nitpicking!) and continued the Dialogue with her Loyal Clientele in a Fine Manner. There was nothing to be mad at here, and that's as good as a Home Run, in the Fashion World! 

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