Thursday, July 17, 2014


Fri. 02/07/2014.

Misha Nonoo is rolling along with the momentum of being a Vogue Fashion Fund Nominee/Finalist last year and is quickly establishing herself in the Fashion Firmament. Yet, perhaps most disconcertingly, Unlike some of her other Fashion Fund Finalists, Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin of Tome, namely, she hasn't evolved much in the following few months. In fact, her Fall 2014 collection may be seen as regression. It had a gawky sensibility that was hard to shake and difficult to reconcile. 

Some nice pieces were on display, but All-in-All... it was an uneven and puzzling mix. The open "Woven" hems of the coats and skirts which was meant to be a Stylistic trope, looked confusing when it should have been an interesting Design idea. The best ideas were the simplest, When Nonoo let her her Penchant for eccentricity rest, she produced some winners, A Inky Blue sleek shift of a dress with a printed panel down the front at Exit No. 11 was quite a winner. As was Pimp-Tastic Plaid Pantsuit with an asymmetric fur collar at Exit No. 14.

From there, Hit or Miss was the Special of the day, nothing propelled the Nonoo Label forward any, It left the collection right where it was to start with, and in this day and age, Stagnation is as bad as regression. Misha Nonoo has talent, No Doubt there, but it's gonna take her digging deeper next time! 

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