Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Public School.

Sun. 02/09/2014.

As winners of Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Award last year, Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow made quite the Entree into the Fashion Sphere! Stardom soon followed and Empress of the Known Galaxy, Anna Wintour was singing their praises! All that should have conspired to make for a Splashy Maiden Voyage into the choppy waters of Women's Designer Fashion. Owing as these guys have all the right assets... It made for far more than Splashy, it was an Unqualified Home Run! 

Osborne and Chen spoke about the Women's Pieces intergrated in with the Men's wear and said that they did not want to make clothes for the "Girlfriend" of the Public School Man, in fact they were dressing his Female Counterpart, the Woman who thinks like the Public School Man! It was a Interesting conceit and one that was committed to with utmost Dedication and Vision! Seeing how the Public School Man dresses, why would a Woman want anything less than that Said Same Aesthetic translated to suit her!?!? 

Since this was their dipping of a Toe (Maybe more like a Foot) into the pool of Women's Design, it would be natural that Osborne and Chow lean more on their Men's wear show and show a minute edit of Women's wear, No faults there. This can be scary territory even for the experienced. It must be said firmly that the Menswear that was shown was SPECTACULAR! Covetous! Desirable! Addictive! NECESSARY! 

The collection was giving Amish Gangsta! I mean that in only the best possible of ways. There was The Duo's Dashing Urban Man meeting Brother Jebediah and his Kin in the Barn and trying on each others clothes and seeing how they mixed so well together! I know the duo called them "New Pioneers" But I, Was feeling That at any Minute Kelly McGillis and Alexander Goudonov were going to peek out from the Silo! In saying that, I WANT EVERY PIECE! 

On the Women's Side, this innate Coolness was transferred in a seemingly effortless manner! With only 13 Exits out of the 37, These women's pieces had to make an Impact that was Surely Felt! From Jac Jagaciak's opening salvo in All Black to Grace Mahary in a Bordeaux Coloured Cape coat at Exit No. 17 which was a Show Stealer, I Tell You! Or, How about Yumi Lambert in a Simple Combo of a Herringbone Tweed Top coat and Black Culottes that was as much Urban Warrior as it was Urban Office at Exit No. 21!? 

With this Awesome Segue into Women's wear being so well done and Ready to strut down the Runway of Life, Osborne and Chow are staking their claim, marking their turf and letting it be known, they intend to make good on the promise seen in them by The CFDA and Vogue and show no signs that they will disappoint them! Here's to hoping their futures are Bright and Brilliant! 

That's All.


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