Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jill Stuart.

Sat. 02/08/2014.

A Jill Stuart fashion show can always be something of an unpredictable affair. It can either be... Mediocre or Dismal or Underwhelming. Sometimes she manages to put out more good pieces than bad, but always there's an inconsistency that bogs the proceedings down to things simply being unmemorable. No one is going to scream out at the woman on the street or in the Office or anywhere "You're Wearing Jill Stuart!!!" with that Glint in the eye of Lustful Recognition! Maybe that's how Stuart prefers to create,  but this also creates a certain Anonymity to her clothes. 

Fall 2014 saw Stuart operating at a Higher pitch than usual, and the selection of clothes were much more Interesting than usual, and thankfully MUCH more Grown-Up... That is for the first half, The latter half... more on that later. Opening the show with a Shaggy fur coat lined in Leather over a Micro Crystal studded dress was a winning move. It looked Fierce and Memorable. Exit No. 2 Doubled Down on the Fierce and was one of those moments where your jaw goes involuntarily slack in Awe, Those Pants Came from another Dimension! We simply aren't ready for such Gorgeousness! 

There was much to Marvel at in this first half, from the Oversized Coat that looked like a Giant Tweedy, Cuddly Teddy Bear was giving the Wafer thin Model a Huge Hug at Exit No. 4 And Exit No. 12 was Invoking the Spirit of Gianfranco Ferre to a T! Things followed this path of Excellence until about the halfway point...

Where the Train kinda jumped the Tracks. Stuart began to refer back to her old tricks and produce clothes that looked more suited to a Woman-Child trying her damnedest to look like half her age by Shopping at Forever 21 and failing miserably at the job. These pieces also had the unfortunate curse of being lavished with Arts-And-Crafts-y Embroideries that made the clothes look even more juvenile. A couple of Net Pieces with Feathery embroidery looked good but the rest just felt as if it belonged in some other collection. They didn't have the Cool Fierce girl look of the preceding Outfits. 

This was a halfway spectacular showing from Stuart, Full of Confident, Sexy, Even slightly Dangerous Clothes! It was a Dark Breath of Fresh Air that was deflated by some curiously misjudged duds. But with the Marvellously strong Opening, these aberrations of design can be mercifully forgiven!

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