Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yigal Azrouel.

Sun. 02/09/2014.

Remarkable in it's Anonymity. Those were the words that came to mind watching Yigal Azrouel's Fall 2014 collection. These are not Anonymous clothes to be sure... but they are the kind of Fashionable wears that a woman of this century can Camouflage herself and look Stylish, but not be a Cause Celebre! Azrouel projected sense of Quietude in his clothes this season and a Luxury of Understatement and Restraint. 

Starting with Warm, Inviting Neutrals, Azrouel was surely working a Cozy theme. A hooded pullover with a Leather and Mohair plaid wrap skirt at Exit No. 4 was Casual and Special! A motif that worked also, a Drop Pleated Skirt dress worked a few different ways was Fresh Looking and Easy to incorporate into a Woman's already bulging wardrobe. It looked Mighty Fine in Spruce Green with a Mock Neck and Short Sleeves at Exit No. 22. Both graphic prints that Azrouel used Sparingly were welcome additions to the mostly Neutral Palette of Ivory, Spruce, Ink Blue Black and Salt-And-Pepper Grey. 

The final passage of offerings with complicated workings of the sleeves felt out of place and worked against the previous Clean easiness of the earlier pieces. But they were Interesting, if not very effective. Azrouel came up with a winning formula this season and Showed a Very wearable collection with Longevity to spare! Who Could Ask For Anything More? 

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