Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tadashi Shoji.

Thurs. 02/06/2014.

Tadashi Shoji produced a Typically Beautiful collection for Fall 2014, Typical, though not Exciting. The collection had it's share of riches, but to be brutally honest, the usage of colour in the collection rendered some of the pieces a less than rich (Read: Cheap) Appeal. The colour was too Vivid, almost searing in places, (especially the Cornea Burning Reds) and did not help to elevate the pieces they were applied to. 

Shoji said the he was taking the path from "Africa to Europe" and passed by Moorish Architecture and applied that design motif to some of the clothes, This was obvious in the opening Exits rife with Intricate cutwork that looked like Moorish Tiles and Wrought Iron Gates, But again the Colouring Betrayed Richness and they came off more Banal than they should have. While when this was done a few Exits later in Lace it looked Fresher. Where it was most successful early on, A FABULOUS Mantle in Red on Black positively LAVISHED with Crewel Embroidery over a Ascetic White lace gown at Exit No. 10! 

There were some assuredly pretty pieces to follow, however pretty is not enough. Nothing really stood out or stood out for the wrong reasons. Frankly, there was nothing glaringly Terrible, also nothing was Terribly Outstanding. It was Predictable, Safe, Pretty. Just not very Interesting. 

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