Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Victoria Beckham.

Sun. 02/09/2014.

Fall 2014 found The Always Flawlessly Turned Out Victoria Beckham exploring her Tailored side with a collection that seemed to focus less on the thing that made her Famous, her Sleek, Sinfully Sculpted Evening gowns. Beckham is making a name for herself in the Luxury Sportswear arena and is offering up a Unique voice amongst the already Congested Throng. So Far, So Good! 

Fall found Beckham culling a lot of ideas into one collection and not all of them congealed together to make the entire unit work as one. The two opening coats were Very Right and played with opposites by being cut in Ivory and Black. Both had a Substantial Gold Chain closure instead of a Button and was a nice accent that added a interesting bit of newness to the pieces and the collection as a whole! 

From that point on... things became a little unfocused. Crafts-y Flounces, Pleating in places it really shouldn't have been, the simpler she kept things the better. A White Turtleneck and Softly belled skirt at Exit No. 9 was Gleaming Perfection. The less Beckham dabbled in Experimentation the more rewards were reaped. Near the end... things began to Roller Coaster out of control and didn't reach an Oasis until the last Two pleated Gowns which were rather Sumptuous in an Minimal Way. 

Beckham has long ago proven her chops, She was seen as something of a Novelty in the beginning, A Fashionista with an Awesome sense of Personal Style thought she could be a Designer... Well she has BECOME A Designer, and One Helluva Designer at that! She should keep up the Risk taking, It's not always going to be a Winner, but the Risk keeps a Designer on their toes and makes for sometimes Great Work. No Risk, No Reward! 

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