Saturday, July 12, 2014

Costello Tagliapietra.

Thurs. 02/06/2014.

How awesome is it that Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra could simply look to their obviously Amazingly well dressed friends and derive a collection from that. Not only derive a collection from it, but create a particularly Impactful and Wonderful assemblage of pieces. A Costello Tagliapietra Collection is never about reinvention, it's about a development, an evolution of their signature trademarks. Within that construct, The duo are also stretching their wings and trying to embrace new things and incorporate them into the Costello Tagliapietra DNA while remaining essentially true to their aesthetic. 

As mentioned above, The duo was fascinated with how their female friends appropriate the duos Chunky and Hearty Cardigans and throw them over their own feminine items and make them a part of her wardrobe. Working from that jumping off point, Costello and Tagliapietra showed a typically brief Edit that was spare in it's concision but felt rich and fully realized. The opening Trio of exits had Sexy 70's Secretary written all over them, Sleek, Shiny, Silky Shantung-Y Pants paired with suggestively sensual blouses, they trod the line between Sexy and Demure without being Boring or Vampy. 

Next up, the house Signature, drapey Jersey! The fact must be made known that very few designers have mastered the use of this Material in the great tradition of Halston better than these Two! Their capabilities are Legion when it comes to Jersey and they know how to make the fabric Limn the body in such a way as to accentuate and heighten in equal measure! Those Cardigans came in the midst of this Jersey Brigade and looked Cozy as could be and lent a sort of chic that was Approachable, Quirky, Comfortable. The best was a Deep Green at version at Exit No. 10 that was in a Brushed Alpaca that could so easily pass for Fur that it was Ridiculously Desirable!  

The rest of the collection was about distilling the essence of their Jersey dress and fracturing their signature by the introduction of some Eye-Catching Separates. Of course the Figure Hugging, dress in a Kiwi Green Marble print at Exit No. 11 was every ounce a Winner, As was the Clover Green dress at Exit No. 16 that had that extra bit if Swoosh in it's liquid hem! But also Winning... A topcoat at Exit No. 21 in Mushroom that also had the aforementioned Marbleized print and was one of the chicest looking pieces perhaps to be seen this season and the Moonlight Grey Pantsuit at Exit No. 27 showed the duos immense skills at Tailleur! 

A finale gown of Minimalist Luxe in a Grape-ish shade of, What Else, JERSEY, was A Stellar Evening Option from West to East Coast and Back! Jeffery and Robert gave an as always, Distinct and Impressive Lineup of clothes. It is always Fascinating to see them Recalibrate and Tweak their Aesthetic by Microns and yet still change the eye in doing so. They never go for the Grandiose Statement but still manage to produce something... Grand! It's a Quiet Grandeur as befitting of the Burly, Yet Gentle Bearish guys that they are! They have stuck to their guns without becoming, Stuck! It's a tricky Highwire act that they seem to have mastered and I am sure their clientele are extremely happy for their delicate manoeuvres! 

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