Monday, February 9, 2015


Fri. 09/19/2014.

Curious. That's the word that springs to the forefront of the mind upon perusing Stefano Pilati's Scant Spring 2015 Presentation. Piecing together an Assemblage consisting of Egypt and Bondage... That's Pretty Esoteric by anyone's standards... The outcome mainly concerned the hems of the clothes which was Inspired, Pilati said, By a picture of an Ancient Egyptian garment and his desire to make a Pareo skirt... THAT DIDN'T LOOK like a Pareo. The slashed skirts were one of those kind of things that immediately Stimulate your fashion G-Spot or leaves you Scratching your head in Wonder... As of yet, I am Undecided! 

What did titillate me was that Trio of Slickly Sequined Dresses that Breathed the rarefied Ether of PER-FEC-TION! In Amber, Plum and Sea Green... They Devastated and were the Chicest things in the Presentation. Also, the White Tulip Hem coat was looking mighty fine, too! 

There was assuredly more in the Studio that was back room stuff, the less standout pieces, But with the pieces Pilati showed, He courted a bit of Consternation. It didn't hold together well and it was one of those matters of, are we the Viewer too far behind and need to catch up to Pilati, Or is he just Way too far off the reservation for anyone to follow? I am not sure I can answer this Query, Nor do I think the clothes did a satisfactory job of Clearing up the matter. 

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