Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Emporio Armani.

Thurs. 09/18/2014.

Emporio Armani.

Blue. Cornflower to Lapis, Sapphire to Cobalt. Navy to Marine. Blue suffused every inch of Giorgio Armani's Spring 2015 Emporio collection. With healthy doses of Grey and White to temper the colour, it was more than obvious that Armani was in a Blue Mood. And while, all that Blue was Nice and Refreshing, It couldn't refresh the Staid, Repetitive offerings from this label. Emporio Armani has BEAUTIFUL Clothes, That must be acknowledged, but the clothes are also so Damn Anodyne and Similar to the Oeuvre that Armani has been working in for this label for over 2 Dozen years. This collection felt Particularly Atavistic.

There was a Sporty element that injected some Verve and Freshness, However, Emporio ALWAYS Skews Junior and Very Young, so some of that Youth could be replaced by some Adult Sophistication. Though some outfits did pass muster in great ways... A Ink Blue belted Shirt Jacket with Pleated Navy Pants exuded a Cool Chicness for women of all ages, while an Ocean Blue and White Canopy Stripe Pantsuit looked Fun and a Little Silly but also Striking! The Best piece was a Simple sleeveless Sheath in Ultramarine Blue with a Drop-Tie at the waist that Was Easy, But Innately Elegant.

Again, Armani broke no new ground here, it was Business as usual. His clients will continue to look Fresh and Vibrant and Most Definitely YOUTHFUL, (to the point of Kiddie) in this collection, But it won't Push the brand into any New Sphere of Breathtaking Fashion. At this stage in the game, Maybe that's not even a Consideration anymore!

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