Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Max Mara.

Thurs. 09/18/2014.

Nothing New to Report. That's about the size of things to message back from The Max Mara Spring 2015 collection. Gleaning some Inspiration from 70's Era Anjelica Huston, the Max Mara show did have that Decades Bohemian Vibration resonating through, though it did look more like 70's era Ali McGraw than Huston, but that's splitting hairs.

Max Mara had a lot going on trying to keep the interest of the observer piqued... A Confetti print, A Small Liberty-ish floral print, A Large Marimekko-style Expressionist floral print, and LOADS Of Neutrals... Sand, Milk Chocolate, Cappuccino, Toffee, Nougat, Putty, White and Black and Grey! Plus some more Demonstrative colours in those Marimekko prints, Fruit Punch, Clover Green, Curry Yellow... All this didn't add up to more than the usual. Excellent, Pretty. Stalwart Clothes that are going to keep a woman looking Chic, But not too adventurous!

The 70's is a Recurring motif, one that it would be fruitless to get mad at, for you're truly going to see it EVERYWHERE, Max Mara's Take was a softer, cuddlier version of that Decade, and was a nice Rich Hippie Interpretation. Max Mara did what they do best, Some Fabulous Coats (One of especial mention was a Nougat Suede Duster over a Putty coloured Stretch of a Dress!) Sumptuous Leathers and Suedes, And Reliable Jackets, Dresses and Sportswear to keep a woman's closet Refreshed but not completely reorganized from season to season. Does this Translate into Excitement... Hardly. Yet something must be said for Keeping a Girl's Chic Factor cranked up to 10 on a consistent basis. In that Regard, Max Mara was a Number One With a Bullet Chart Topper!

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