Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Cavalli.

Thurs. 09/18/2015.

Partaking of a Just Cavalli show usually entails asking oneself a VERY Critical Question... What is it in this collection, In this Label as a Whole that Roberto Cavalli is trying to Say... Express? Because, Damned If I know! The Just Cavalli Label is Frilly Frivolousness. It usually comes off as Cheap and Tacky and Tasteless and, Lo, did it not disappoint on those fronts for Spring 2015. 

Maybe it was because the show opened so Baldly and Nakedly combining the two Most Queasy Making Shades in the colour Spectrum and both Colours I, Personally, DESPISE... Green and Purple. I am getting sick just thinking about them! I have nothing against the Lighter, Pastel shades of both colours, But these Vile shades on the Just Cavalli Runway... needed IMMEDIATE Excoriation! 

And the colour palette didn't get any better from that Isle... And the clothes... Gypsy/Boho meets 70's Rocker (yeah, That 70's Show isn't getting cancelled at all in Milan, this season!) were a Travesty. Not to mention, Been There, Done That.... You get the Drift! Djellabas, Baby Dolls, Tabard Vests... all thrown into some Stevie Nicks-Cum-Steven Tyler Ninja Blender and Juiced to make a Mess of a collection! 

Little was to be lauded here, It needed chucking into the Trash and Never Mentioned Again! Just Cavalli is obviously working for someone out there... who she is, I don't really need to know. If this is the stuff that's attracting her eye... Me and her have little in common! 

That's All.


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