Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guy Laroche.

Weds. 09/24/2014.

Spring 2015 saw Guy Laroche's Marcel Marongiu taking inspiration from American Fashion Pioneer, Claire McCardell... She who rejected the Haute in Couture and gave women Functional, Sporty, Innovative clothes for The Modern woman who didn't want to strap into a Corset and wear A Full Crinolined Circle Skirt while sending the kids off to School and Making Dinner for the Husband all while cleaning the house and Being a Pillar of the community! So, It was a little bit Funny that in his search to find the path from Marongiu/Laroche to McCardell that he would come up with Leather as his Starting Motif!

Disregarding those "Modern" takes on McCardell... Marongiu did simplify and Streamline things, in a way, at Laroche, Take a look at those Long, Lean, Spare Jumpsuits... if there was ever a Future Tense Iteration of McCardell, There You Have It! Afterwards, the idea was catch as one could... nothing Specifically stood out in the same vein, yet stood out for different reasons. Marongiu is one Fine Tailor and you could see that in series of White and Grey Melange Coats that looked Stellar!

Also of note, A Gleaming Yellow Jumpsuit in Satin Charmeuse, A sheer slip of a dress in Indigo and an Ink Blue One Button Suit that put the "Power" Back in Power Suit. There were other worthy looks, but they need not mentioning, 

After this collection it was let known that Marongiu was leaving the House of Laroche after 8 years there. It's sad to see, but these are the ways of Fashion. Hopefully Marongiu will stay on the Fashion Radar after this, He has always had a great sensibility about fashion and it will be missed if he does not continue on in some way! 

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