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Fri. 09/19/2014.


What Alessandra Facchinetti is doing with Leather at the House of Tod's is Practically, Magical. Half of her Spring 2015 collection is in the Stuff, Yet rendered so Airy and Weightless as to, By Sorcery, Seem Gossamer! Take that Aerated Mesh Shift that opened the Show. It's Mesh holes created by Laser. It had the Lightness and Lilt of A Cotton or Silk material, But was rendered in La Cuir. That's why Facchinetti's Skills are so Laudable.

Facchinetti used this technique multiple times, always to great effect, This was combined by Facchinetti with a Particularly Spring-like collection that was concerned with Gardens and Flowers. Couple that with Leather and it's an Incongruous Image that was wrought Wonderfully Harmonious! This was achieved by rendering her Flowers in Abstract, almost Matisse/Miro-like Form. That was the Key, Facchinetti did not give us Typical Blooms, No, here they were rendered in Luscious, Sensual, Blob-like forms that seemed to have a Undulation from within. Done as such, they projected as much Art as Artistry from Facchinetti.

This treatise on Leather Expertise did not comprise the whole collection, There were a Bunch of pieces cut from Deluxe Fabrics as well! This was why there was such a Bumper Crop of Absolutely Breathtakingly Wondrous clothes, so potent they are,  that the house is certainly going to be having this collection snapped up in Huge hunks by it's clientele! The Gorgeous Sunny Yellow Pantsuit, The Coffee Brown Leather Tee embedded with Mirror sequins, A Peacock Blue Pantsuit that was Sharp and Chic. A pair of Smoke Blue numbers, One a Fluid T-Shirt dress in Fabric, the other a Tank Dress in Buttery Leather.

Every Season since her installation at the House that Diego Della Valle Built, Alessandra Facchinetti has Upped the Ante on what she can do and what she can Achieve. One Might perhaps, as she moves into the future with the label, like to find her relying less on Leather and injecting some of the EXQUISITE types of work she showed at Valentino... for we know the Woman can Cut a Dumbfoundingly Gorgeous Evening Gown, It would be good for her to inject some of that into the Tod's Brand and she what Happens. As Mother would say... "Nothing Beats A Failure, But A Try!"

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