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Thurs. 09/18/2014.


As a Burgeoning Gay Boy growing up at the latter half of the 1970's and throughout the Quickly advancing, yet far more innocent world of the 1980's, "Barbie" was EVERYTHING! Leave it t Jeremy Scott to Re-invent the Impossible Perfection that is "Barbie" And serve it up in a Chaotic Whirlwind of Cheek and Chic!

One wouldn't... couldn't Believe that it was possible to invade Barbie's Dream House, Plunder her IMMENSE Wardrobe and come back with what Scott came back with for Spring 2015 Moschino Show. Yes, It was Hilarious, Frivolous, Lunatic Outrageous, Insane! But dig through all the Pink and Gold and Camp, and there are Pieces worth seeking out to wear, for they are the Perfect Synthesis of Camp and Class and on the right woman, would definitely appeal as High Fashion.

Don't Believe me... Check out the Multicolour oversized Polka Dot T-shirt Dress in Black. Simple, Chic, Functional, And Yes, A bit Fun, as well, But Outrageous? Hardly. The Black Sequined Chanel/Moschino suit was A Glam proposition for many young and Not so young Fashionista's running around the world! A GORGEOUS Gold Leather coat and Black Dress ensemble was Giving Icy Kim Novak Sharpness and a Mesh Nude colour Trench piped in Black with Giant Gold buttons was a Quirky Spin on an old Staple.

The evening wear,,, Well. That was WAY too Over-The-Top to be real, However, I will say that the Pink/Yellow-Yellow/Blue Polka Dot Dress on Cindy Bruna was Giving as Good as anything Ungaro Ever Whipped up Similarly in the 80's! Jeremy Scott has shown that he is no One-Hit Wonder. This collection will be as Marketable and Salable as Fall 2014, Perhaps More, for he is tapping into a Subconscious Soft Spot in the hearts of MILLIONS of Women. The Carefree, Gay Childhood where all a Girl needed was a Her Barbie and a Dream house to put her in. Even more Key, All those Girls (And some of us Boys) Wanted to BE Barbie back in the Day, Now... They Can.

So the Dictum that Barbie taught us in the 80's HAS Come true and Full Circle... "We Girls, Can Do Anything! Right, Barbie?"

That's All.


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